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CIO Analysis: Why 37% Projects Fail - Harish Chinai
A study by project management consulting company, PM Solutions, identifies top causes of IT failure. ....Read More
Agility does not equal Anarchy - Harish Chinai
AGILITY DOES NOT EQUAL ANARCHY. Faced with a tumultuous marketplace, organizations have to act fast. But a solid foundation of project management practices still applies—even if it is implemented in a quick and iterative manner. Recklessness is no substitute for organizational agility. ....Read More
The Advantages of Project Management in Small- and Medium-Sized Organizations - Harish Chinai
Large companies like The Boeing Company, Deloitte and Procter & Gamble have enjoyed success, thanks in part to sound project management practices. But what is the value of project management for small- and medium-sized businesses and how can they implement it? ....Read More
When Bad Interviews Happen to Good Candidates - HC
I first interviewed with ExecuNet around Halloween and was charmed by the decorations until I saw the giant, purple inflatable spider standing guard in the center of the office space. Despite the combination of two big fears — job interviews and giant spiders — I performed well enough to get the offer. (The spider now appears annually right outside my office.) ....Read More
Global Knowledge IT salary Survey 2010 - Global Knoledge
The global recession that began in 2008 has impacted almost everyone, either through job loss, reduction in salary and benefits, or job change. This year’s salary survey, the third in partnership between Global Knowledge and TechRepublic, captures the magnitude of changes that have impacted the IT profession. ....Read More
Project Portfolio Management: Three Dangerous Myths - Adam Bookman
CIO - The Standish Group's "CHAOS Summary 2009" report shows a marked decrease in IT project success rates, with 32 percent of all projects succeeding. It's one thing to know that 68 percent of all IT projects don't succeed. But it's another to look across your company and realize you have no way of knowing which of your projects might be in the 68 percent bucket and which have the potential to be in the 32 percent bucket. ....Read More
Researching the value of Project Management - Project Management Institute
Researching the value of Project Management. ....Read More
Project management carreers on the rise: PMI - Rodney Gedda
Career options for project managers are escalating with a 150-fold increase in postgraduate courses in the discipline, according to the industry’s global non-profit association, the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI accredits educational institutions with its industry-wide certification for the delivery of courses in project management. ....Read More
How to Identify High-Return Projects - Bob Weinstein
The most daunting challenge IT PMs face next year is identifying high-return projects, according to Johanna Rothman, a PM consultant in Waltham, Mass. This will be especially difficult for organizations pursuing vertical markets. As Rothman sees it, one of the big problems is determining which projects serving different constituencies are most valuable. ....Read More
The Bleeding Edge: Tough Times – A New Paradigm to Manage - David Smith
The U.S. economic crisis is now global, and enterprises worldwide are wrestling with this issue. Many countries around the world have officially declared that they are in a recession, and experts are predicting that it’s not going to end quickly. Much work and sacrifice will be needed to turn the economy around. In fact, the latest economic data shows that the recession in the United States is getting worse. ....Read More
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