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Project Management Profession is Expected to Thrive Despite the Troubled Economy - Patrick Hildebrandt for PMI Community Post
Project Management Profession is Expected to Survive, Thrive Despite the Troubled Economy. It seems that no matter where you turn these days, you are bombarded with a steady stream of negative news stories about the economy. Turn on a television, open a newspaper or surf the Web, and in many locations its a gloomy mix of recessions, foreclosures and layoffs. These stories are understandably worrisome. Some of you have already felt the sting, while many more of you may be concerned for your jobs. Whats a project manager to do? The future is actually brighter than you may think. Its true that no industry is completely immune to economic downturns. But project management is in a better position than most to not only weather this storm, but come out ahead. In a time where companies in every industry are downsizing, project management actually faces a critical shortage of talent. ....Read More
Eye on Certification: Project Management - Brian Summerfield
How would you like to offshore-proof your job? There are probably a few information technology professionals out there who would gladly pay top dollar for such information, but Certification Magazine is going to provide one particularly useful tip free of charge. ....Read More
Spreading the word about business analysis - Harish Chinai
The Business Case for Business Analysis Define the purpose of business analysis Articulate the benefits Examine the risk of doing and not doing business analysis Determine the investment required ....Read More
Ultimate in Success is doingLeadership workshops in Dubai and UAE - HC
Ultimate in Success in partnership with Emilia of UAE is conducting a 3 day Leadership Workshop for Project Managers and executives from Petro Chemical, Government and Healthcare industries in MIddle East. ....Read More
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